Visual Branding Application

Presenting cohesive branding across all your on- and offline assets gives a professional image and helps you to be identified wherever your customers find you.

Full and complete social media profiles add to this professional image and also help search engines pull you up in your ideal customer’s search results.

Each platform, however, needs different sized headers and logos. They each have different character limits and sections for profile information. It can be cumbersome to make everything look and read great everywhere. I will take your branding and give your image the polish it deserves.

Visual Branding Application Packages


  • Applying consistent branding across social media accounts
  • Resizing of branding materials for each platform
  • Search Engine Optimised profiles
  • All information fields completed on each platform
You provide:
  • Logo and other branding materials
  • Your key information (I will provide instructions)



  • Branded MailChimp Forms
  • Branded MailChimp Templates
  • Other email list management software also handled

Branded Images


  • Digital image sourcing and editing
  • Branded text overlay template
  • Pinterest pin template

Branding Design


  • Logo design
  • Brand colour selection
  • Brand typeface selection
  • Selection of additional visual elements

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