Online Content Management

Have you heard that blogging about your brand is great for SEO, that is for helping your website to be found in search engine results? It is true that keyword rich content across your online assets such as your blog and social media help lift you in Google results.

But publishing blog content, let alone making it look great, takes time away from other essential tasks such as reaching out to new leads – the real money making stuff of business.

So why not hand over your content management to me? I can make you look great online and make your content a great resource for your audience. With SEO optimised copy, hopefully you’ll get noticed by Google too.

You create the copy and I can do the rest. Alternatively, you may also utilise my research and writing skills to create content for you.

Online Content Management Service

  • Publishing blog posts, website copy, PDFs and other online content you create
  • Proofreading & formatting copy
  • Optimising SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for posts and pages
  • Creating feature images and social media post graphics
  • Uploading, scheduling and publishing content
  • Scheduling or direct posting social media posts about new content
  • Creating and scheduling new content notifications to your email list
  • Organising, categorising and tagging blog content

Call me to discuss your content management needs – from one-off projects such as a blog reorganisation to retainer packages for on-going weekly or monthly posting.

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